Chivaune Consultants
Your supplier of innovative biomedical test equipment

Chivaune Consultants has been importing and distributing leading biomedical test equipment and Biomedical Instruments for many years. We continue to grow our market share by providing the market with biomedical test instruments at fair prices and in a timely manner.

Our Principals have grown over the years from Datrend Systems; and now also include Clinical Dynamics, imtmedical, Netech Corporation, Pronk Technologies, and Viamed. We continually monitor the international test equipment market for additional products to add to, and supplement, our range. In this way we broaden the product base for the biomedical profession.

Many innovative products have consistently been developed for the biomedical instruments market by our smaller, and more forward thinking international partners. Many of these products have been greatly reduced in size, without reducing their functionality. In this way we have been able to meet the requirements of a more mobile and flexible biomedical market. The size and capabilities of much of this equipment continues to surprise many. No longer is there a need to move large, and sometimes cumbersome, equipment to meet the everchanging biomedical engineering environment. When you are conducting biomedical tests don't rely on sometimes inferior equipment, choose your biomedical device from our selection of the latest biomedical equipment.

We are committed to providing the best possible biomedical test equipment for the biomedical and clinical engineering profession. We are also dedicated to developing relationships with our clients. Being a valued partner is the best incentive for creating a long term competitive advantage.

We are proud to have been able to offer more choice in the biomedical test equipment market.