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Infusion Pump Analysers

Datrend Infutest 2000 Series E Dual Channel Pump Analyser

Infutest 2000 Series E Overview...
The Infutest 2000 Series E makes inspecting your ever-growing inventory of IV pumps a breeze! To satisfy the guidelines of your performance assurance test program and meet your IV pump-testing schedule, there is only one solution – the Infutest 2000 Series E – rated #1 by both hospital-based biomeds and independent testing laboratories.
Simultaneously inspect up to four single channel IV pumps or four independent channels of a multi-channel infusion device in just seconds with the fully equipped Infutest 2000 Series E analyzer and optional RSM Module. The Infutest 2000 Series E is the test solution for your device inspection requirements. Conduct the full range of flow, pressure, volume and interval tests on practically any fluid delivery system including single rate, dual rate and patient controlled analgesia (PCA) devices. These tests are performed following easy-to-use manual or autosequence formats using the front panel keypad and alphanumeric/graphical display.
Additionally, via the standard serial port, you can interface the analyzer to automated test systems such as the Fluke® Biomedical medTester 5000C IVPUMP autosequence option or to a PC running Datrend’s Data Transfer Program (DTP) for fully automated operation and test data storage.

End-of-Infusion Analysis
Accurate volume-to-be-infused (VTBI) measurements are a snap with the Infutest 2000 Series E. End-of-infusion analysis (EIA) calculates the volume infused at the instant the STOP key is depressed or the autosequence preset test time has elapsed. This computation can be easily verified by checking the full test data log available from the Infutest 2000 Series E internal memory.

SynchroStart accurately captures the initial start-up flow dynamics of your IV pump, an invaluable feature when testing pumps with a pulsatile flow pattern. There is no need to attempt to start both the IV pump and the analyzer at the same time to make this critical measurement – the Infutest 2000 does it for you – automatically!

Datrend Infutest Solo Single Channel Pump Analyser

Infutest Solo Overview...
For over ten years Datrend has been providing the biomedical engineering community with the best, comprehensive, high-end solution to multi-channel infusion pump analysis in the industry. We have been asked to develop a tester to meet the needs of the hospitals with smaller infusion pump inventories and those with regional responsibilities, without compromising performance. Datrend has been listening.


The first palm size Infusion Pump Analyzer, FlowTrax has numerous features in a very small affordable and portable package – while rivaling the larger, more expensive competitive products with impressive accuracy and speed. IV pumps can now be tested for Flow Rate and Volume in 3 minutes or less within a 1% accuracy using FlowTrax patent-pending fluid tracking technology.

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