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Pacemaker Analysers

Datrend Phase 3 Defibrillator/Pacemaker Analyser

Phase 3 is the first Defibriillator/Pacemaker Analyser specifically designed to test Pulsed Multiphasic defibrillators. Test monophasic, biphasic and multiphasicdefibrillators, AED's and transcutaneous pacers with better than 1% accuracy on eirher battery or lone power.
It also offers portability, USB cnnectivity, real-time wave capture, test record storage, too name a few. It is an extremely versatile piece of biomedical test equipment.

Netech Delta 3000 Defibrillator/Pacemaker Analyser

The DELTA 3000 combines the complete testing functions of a defibrillator tester, a pacemaker analyzer, and a 12 Lead ECG / Arrhythmia simulator into one compact, lightweight, and easy to use instrument. No other instrument delivers the performance testing power of the DELTA 3000.
The DELTA 3000 tests all defibrillators including AEDs. It measures both monophasic and bi-phasic waveforms. It tests all external pacemakers including transthoracic, transvenous, and AV sequential models. It has 12 built-in user selectable test loads for transthoracic pacing testing. The built-in ECG / Arrhythmia simulator allows performance testing of any ECG equipment.

Netech Delta 3000A Defibrillator/Pacemaker Analyser

The Delta 3000A is a compact biomedical test instrument that tests defibrillators and transcutaneous pacemakers. It is also a 12 lead ECG arrhythmia simulator.
The instrument tests defibrillators with monophasic or bi-phasic waveforms and all AEDs. It will test transcutaneous pacemkaers and includes 12 built-in user selectable test loads. The 12 lead ECG simulator includes 12 arrhythmias plus sine, square, and triangle performance waveforms.

Netech EXPMT 2000 Dual Channel Pacemaker Analyser

The EXPMT 2000 External Pacemaker Analyzer, has evolved from the best selling EXPMT 100 Pacer Analyzer. It will test and verify all the functions of any external pacemaker including Transvenous, Transthoracic, and A-V Sequential models.

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