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Pulse Oximeter Testers

Clinical Dynamics SmartSat

SmartSat™ Pulse Oximetry Analyzer is the most accurate SpO2 Simulator available; it is affordable and reliable. It is the only SpO2 Simulator that provides unmatched accuracy with electrical simulation and a pulse oximeter probe analyzer. It can be powered by its internal NiMH battery or external AC power adapter. SmartSat is the SpO2 Analyzer utilized by companies such as Nellcor, Masimo, Criticare, Datascope, Philips, GE Medical, Welch Allyn, Alaris Medical Systems and other leading pulse oximeter / patient monitoring manufacturers.

Datrend Oxitest Optical Pulse Oximeter Simulator

This versatile, handheld unit provides the most advanced technology available in the market today for verifying the proper operation and performance of pulse oximeter monitors and modules throughout the clinical environment. Designed for compatibility with a wide variety of pulse oximeters, the Oxitest Plus 7 is the efficient, cost effective solution to your pulse oximeter testing requirements.

Datrend Sensitest SpO2 Lead Tester

Sensitest provides tests for all types of SpO2 probes in the biomedical or clinical environment.
MODE 1 Tests:
Continuity checks for the red LED, the infrared LED, and the photodiode circuits. Sensitest interprets measurements and displays indicators of conformance, open circuits, shorts, and pinpointing cable defects, and component faults. A “glitch” capture feature operating at 125 times per second indicates intermittent fault conditions with an audible chirp when flexing cables.
MODE 2 Tests:
Measures and displays the photodiode's response to red and infrared LED’s. The response is displayed both as a bar graph and a numeric value.

Pronk Technologies OxSim Pulse Oximeter Simulator Tester

The OxSim OX-1 provides four levels of simulated saturation (85%, 95%, 98%, and 99%), three heartrates (80, 40, and 140 bpm), and two perfusion levels (normal and low). OxSim simulations are designed to produce simulated values within the specified tolerance of both durable and disposable Oximeter sensors. The 85% and 98% modes are designed to let you check the basic functionality of your Oximeter, while the other modes have features which allow you to challenge your Oximeter’s performance. Operates for 8 hours on a single "AA" battery or on included AC adapter. The OxSim conserves battery power by going to sleep if it does not see a sensor for 10 minutes. The OxSim is compatible with the Battery Boost Option, which makes it convenient to use with a SimCube simulation kit. The OX-1 comes with a small 6VDC/2 amp power supply, a carrying case and a AA Battery.

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